Quality Inspector – Finished Goods

Precision Solutions

***$1,500.00 sign-on bonus***

Quality InspectorPRIMARY FUNCTIONS:  Responsible for verifying the accurate completion of AGS and customer requested paperwork, including route sheets, 8-Steps, SPC reports and customer requested reports. Responsible for ensuring parts conform to customer specifications. Responsible for moving parts to next operation, inspection or shipping. Secondary operations Inspector has the authority to stop an operator at their machine until paperwork has been properly completed, including 8-steps and nonconformances. Inspector can recommend disciplinary action to Quality Manager for quality policy violations.


Responsible for in-process verification of dimensions of ground workpiece for conformance to customer specifications, using such measuring instruments as micrometers, comparators, dial indicators, gauge blocks, CMM and RAM. Verification that operators are using best inspection methods.

Verification of completeness of paperwork including signatures on route sheets by operators and Department Leaders, 8-Steps and SPC reports (utilizing the Mitutoyo MeasurLink software as applicable) or other customer-specific reporting. At the start of the shift, verify 8-step and nonconformance completion from third shift. At the beginning of second shift, verify 8-step and nonconformance completion.

Responsible for pre-inspection to ensure preforms and prints are correct for grinding customer’s parts. Visual inspection for chips, cracks or other perform defects.

Responsible for ensuring internal corrective action reports are completed by employees for non-conforming parts.

Assist with final inspection prior to shipping of jobs from all divisions.

Responsible for verifying that jobs have started (last operation has begun), estimated completion time of each operation and moving parts to next operation, inspection or shipping. Work with Production Manager and Department Leaders to determine whether jobs are being run by date or by flow.

Responsible for assisting with completion of secondary operations such as edge breaking, polishing, chamfering, cut-off, etc.

Responsible for ensuring inspection equipment is properly maintained in the department.

Responsible for assistance in implementing continuous quality improvement techniques as part of the overall organizational continuous improvement effort.


  • Possess an understanding of blueprints.
  • Must be able to accurately use measuring equipment such as micrometers, calipers, comparator, CMM and RAM Optical.
  • Basic knowledge of machining processes as they relate to the carbide industry.
  • Good knowledge of safety and safe practices as they pertain to the machining industry.
  • Good verbal and written communications skills.



The specific physical demands of this job include lifting up to 75 pounds, and generally engaging in activities such as bending, lifting, walking, sitting, turning and repetitive motion, generally in an indoor weather-controlled environment.  The position involves some risk of exposure to injuries related to physical demands of the job and requires close attention to detail and safety protocols.  The position also requires visual and communication skills in observation of machine work and in communicating with co-workers, as well as in reading written instructions.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.  Employees seeking accommodation are encouraged to discuss job-related limitations to determine whether reasonable accommodations can be provided.

To apply for this job please visit workforcenow.adp.com.