Precision Tooling and Medical Components

Vascular tipping dies, catheter dies and suture tooling are all dies and tooling in the medical industry which require small hole manufacturing. Along with these carbide and steel dies and tooling, Precision Solutions also manufactures a variety of fixtures and parts and components for various customers in the medical industry all requiring small hole manufacturing. If you are a manufacturer of suture needles, we manufacture the carbide and steel dies that are used to form the needles. Coining dies, punches and pierce dies are all products we are familiar with and can manufacture with the highest of quality. We have small hole manufacturing capabilities, which allow our precision machinists to machine a hole .001″ (.000039mm) into a part. We also have the capabilities to manufacture a .002″ OD pin. Both of these extreme capabilities are used in the manufacturing of catheter dies and suture tooling.

Small Hole Manufacturing in Carbide

Cemented Carbide in Medical Wear Parts

Precision Solutions has manufactured cemented carbide components used in medical wear parts for over thirty years. The high strength and wear resistance of cemented carbide make it the best choice for medical tool components. Dental bur blanks and rotary cutters are two products our engineers develop solutions for medical products cutting.

Cemented carbide’s combination of strength, hardness, and toughness satisfies the most demanding applications.

precision holes

Gaging Applications with Small Hole Manufacturing

Precise pin gages are used to check the hole size of the small needles mentioned above. Our highly-skilled machinists are capable of manufacturing steel pin gages to .002″ (.0508mm) with a tolerance of .000020″ (.000508mm). In the image to the right you will see a ring gage with a .002″ (.0508mm) through hole. Hole size would be checked with a pin gage, manufactured by Precision Solutions with gage blocks calibrated to NIST Standards.

small hole manufacturing

Wear Parts and Dental Applications

Precision Solutions manufacturers high quality cemented carbide dental burr blanks. These carbide blanks include Bur Pellets with open tolerances. The high quality cemented carbide products we produce result from a fully integrated process with strict and robust statistical process controls that create superior finished blanks.

precision holes

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