Waterjet Plungers & Components

Industry Leading Cutting Components

The waterjet cutting components we manufacture include ceramic and carbide plungers, ceramic and carbide bushings and steel and carbide poppets. These are just a few of the products and components used throughout the waterjet industry in high-pressure cutting machines. Carbide and ceramic washers, bearings and rods are also purchased in high volumes by several waterjet manufacturers. Other applications include the industrial cleaning markets and other specialty applications regarding waterjet cutting components, as well as replacement parts and aftermarket.

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Due to Accuracy, High Precision is Required

These waterjet cutting components include the nozzles, the poppets that create the flow, and plungers that are used for pressurizing the system. The surface finish is also critical in these components. A high surface finish will increase the wear life of parts, allowing for lower replacement costs and better performance.  Precision Solutions is the chosen trusted supplier of multiple waterjet manufacturers for these types parts and other components not mentioned. Our decades of experience in tight tolerances and high surface finishes have helped us build relationships and remain on the cutting edge of waterjet technology.

Waterjet Components: Surface Finish Requirements

We can achieve a .4RA (.01016 micron) or better surface finish on waterjet cutting products such as ceramic plungers and carbide bushings. Does your application involve abrasive materials? The surface finish can improve the wear life and performance of your product. We have decades of experience in lapping and we offer precision lapping services. We have pride in producing waterjet plungers and components with a flawless finish, free of any imperfections. Our proprietary precision lapping services have allowed Precision Solutions to stay on the forefront of waterjet technologies.

Industrial Spray Applications

Working conditions for dairy, pharmaceutical, food, and industrial applications require a high level of pressure and corrosion resistance. Hyperion Materials & Technologies cemented carbide nozzles show high wear and abrasion resistance helping to maintain a longer spray pattern. In addition to nozzles, Hyperion offers a full line of wear parts for spray systems including funnel shapes, orifice inserts, and swirl chambers. Materials developed by Hyperion are FDA compliant.

waterjet cutting components

Materials used in Waterjet Cutting Components

Precision Solutions uses a variety of base materials for harsh environments including: carbide, ceramic, ferritic and hardened steel.  We have a highly trained staff, to help in all of your difficult to resolve production and design issues.  Our state-of-the-art proprietary finishing equipment provides the highest quality surface for your components, free of imperfections and impurities.  Certain Precision Solutions facilities have temperature and environmentally controlled laboratories with the latest inspection equipment to suit your quality needs.  We have sites that maintain a Quality Management System (AS9100 and ISO 9001:2015) to certify or inspect any requested dimensions on your part.

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