Fluid Management

Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts

Hyperion Materials & Technologies develops and manufactures cemented carbides and composite diamond coatings for components and tool blanks where strength and resistance to high pressures, high temperatures, corrosion, and wear are critical.

High quality cemented carbide bushings and bearing sleeves and manufactured to work in corrosive and abrasive (due to load, rotation, friction, etc.) environments. Our carbide bushings show wear and corrosion resistance with a high fracture toughness for demanding axial thrust. Hyperion also offers FDA compliant cemented carbides.

Other hard materials that Precision Solutions can grind to your finish solution include ceramics and hardened steels.  Alumina and zirconia ceramics have superior wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature and impact resistance properties.

Carbide and Ceramic Bearings

Bushing and bearings for pumps and other process equipment are manufactured to custom dimensions. Cemented carbide grades and designs are tailored to each customer based on individual needs and requirements.  One application of the components and tooling produced by Precision Solutions involves fluid flow from pipelines to liquid measurement.  The measuring of the flow of liquids involved in on and offshore require quality flow measuring performance.  Flow metering components are used in a variety of settings including industrial, commercial and residential markets.

Ceramic and carbide washers, journals, bearings and bushings are some of the major products produced for fluid management.  High surface finishes, material determinations and small parts can be key factors in fluid management.


Carbide Wear Parts

Carbide Cutting Components

Cemented carbide knives outperform steel knives and help to reduce maintenance downtime. Hyperion’s carbide grades offer a unique combination of controlled grain sizes and mechanical properties that help you optimize your performance.  We partner with our customers to improve performance and develop solutions for their knife applications.

carbide cutting components

Homogenizer Components

For homogenizer applications, cemented carbide helps maintain the efficiency of the valve gap to micronize and scatter particles due to its high stiffness and low expansion coefficient, withstanding both the high pressure and wear demands encountered in this industry.  Components engineered and manufactured related to homogenizing include discs, pistons and valves and seats.  The materials we develop for these applications are high corrosion-resistant tungsten carbides.

wear parts homogenizer

Waterjet Plungers & Components

Waterjet Plungers and Components and who we work with

waterjet components

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