A Leader in Precision Grinding

Aggressive Grinding Service (AGS)

AGS is an industry leader in precision grinding.  We offer a variety of quality grinding services to meet your grinding needs of carbides and ceramics.  AGS provides broad and specialized grinding and machining capabilities, including surface, centerless, outside diameter (OD) and peel grinding, as well as wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) and wheel dressing services.  Industries we serve include can tooling, custom and preform carbide rod blanks, and a variety of finished wear-resistant components.

Who are we

Where Speed, Quality and Precision Meet

As a global leader in precision carbide grinding and advanced ceramic finishing, we offer customers superior products in the industry’s fastest delivery time. The unique combination of quality and speed allows AGS to always exceed customer expectations.

We have been operating since 1988 and we look forward to being around for many more years to meet the precision tungsten carbide grinding, advanced ceramic finishing and PCD grinding requirements of established and new customers alike. We view our customers as partners, and show our loyalty to them by never selling products or services that compete with their businesses.

Leader in Precision Grinding AGS

Industry Leading High-Speed Efficiency

A leader in precision grinding in record timing. We’re proud of the fast turnaround times we can provide to all of our clients.

Form Grinding

Our expert form grinding solutions allow us to ground non-standard forms and maintain any modified profiles.

ID/OD Grinding

We hold tight tolerances and deliver higher speeds and feed rates to get your job done better and faster.

Modern Facility

Our state-of-the-art production facility meets the highest levels of quality and safety standards set by the industry.

No Minimum Order Quantities

Whether you need ten parts or 10,000 parts, our highly-skilled professionals work around-the-clock to fill your orders quickly and accurately.

AGS Leader in Precision Grinding

Where Leading Precision and Quality Meet

We offer a variety of precision carbide grinding and advanced ceramic finishing to meet a variety of end uses. Amongst our many grinding capabilities, we also provide wire EDM, wheel dressing and ID honing services. Our machining services are unmatched within our industry.

Leader in Precision Grinding

Innovative Market Solutions

We conduct thorough and advanced services and quality checks to ensure our products are superior enough for the markets we serve. We’ll machine parts to suit your exact needs.

  • Medical
  • Inspection
  • Industrial
  • Mining & Construction
  • Energy

Aggressive Grinding

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