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Prism Technologies

Prism Technologies manufactures press tooling for many different materials, including carbide, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, iron, steel and bronze as well as chemical powders. We manufacture Erowa and 3R tooling as well as conventional styles. The finished parts are used in most of the industries listed below along with other various components that fit within our capabilities.

Who We Are

Difficult parts have standard delivery, Impossible ones take a little longer

We specialize in the development of compaction tooling, specialty components and wear parts. Powdered metal tooling is our expertise. We manufacture press tooling for many different materials including carbide, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, iron, steel and bronze as well as chemical powders. The finished parts are used in the following industries: oil and gas, wear parts, medical, metal packaging and can tooling. Our in-house Quality Assurance program will assure the highest quality product.

Quality Assurance

Prism has developed an in-house Quality Assurance program to assure the highest quality product. We have an in-process inspection policy that our employees follow as well as a complete finish product inspection report.

Precision Manufacturing

Prism offers multiple different services as well as products and materials. Our tool & die makers are highly skilled craftsmen routinely working to .0001 tolerances as well as polishing to a Ra of 1.

The Prism Edge

Prism Technologies, Inc. was founded based on the principles of quality and service achieved through team work.

Diverse Market Applications

Prism services a variety of market applications. Draw die, compaction dies and cold heading dies for the Construction and Agriculture Segment, knives, shears and slitters for the Paper Industry and extrusion dies, trimming dies and tab dies for the Metal Packaging and Can Tooling Industry.

AGS Leader in Precision Grinding

Where Leading Precision and Quality Meet

We offer a variety of precision carbide grinding and advanced ceramic finishing to meet a variety of end uses. Amongst our many grinding capabilities, we also provide wire EDM, wheel dressing and ID honing services. Our machining services are unmatched within our industry.

Leader in Precision Grinding

Innovative Market Solutions

We conduct thorough and advanced services and quality checks to ensure our products are superior enough for the markets we serve. We’ll machine parts to suit your exact needs.

  • Medical
  • Inspection
  • Industrial
  • Mining & Construction
  • Energy

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