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Through this group of industry-leading companies, we’re able to commit to quick delivery times and exceptional products. No matter the end use, we’ll provide a product that’s durable, high-quality and capable of exceeding your expectations.

Since 2018, we’ve proudly been an accomplished AS9100 certified precision aerospace components supplier.

We have more than 20 years of experience developing and manufacturing hard material solutions that meet the requirements of the automotive industry.

We’ve been a global battery tooling supplier for decades, supplying battery tooling and dies to major battery manufacturers.

For the last 50 years, we’ve been a major semiconductor manufacturer, specifically supplying the leading semiconductor organizations globally.

Over the years, we’ve assisted OEM’s to develop and manufacture critical fiber optic tooling for the next generation of fiber optics.

We produce nozzles and needles for fluid dispensing equipment to meet exacting specifications measuring in microns for orifice size, roundness, surface finish, positioning, and aspect ratio. We also provide stringent testing to manage flow control.

We provide precision tooling and medical components including the smallest FDA approved medical device.

We’ve been producing high-precision cutting blades, knives, anvils, slitters, and many other cutting implements from superhard materials for the non-wovens industry for more than 100 years. We specialize in high-precision tungsten carbide cutting implements that are typically used to cut non-woven materials, such as those found in carbon fiber tape, rubber composites, and other products.

Through our extensive hard materials including diamond, carbides, and ceramics we are able to solve the toughest wear issues for your critical fluid path components.

Our products touch every type of energy known to man, from oil and gas to solar and everything in between.

We provide turnkey and tailor made high performance solutions for the most demanding conditions and environments.

Precision Solutions by Hyperion® manufactures custom wear resistant components and offers service and application development expertise for all your wear parts needs.

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