Delivering Wear Resistance for Demanding Applications

Crafts Technology

We collaborate with industry leaders to bring increased product performance and wear life to both OEM and end users. Our expert machinists precision manufacture parts from super-hard materials that deliver optimum life, corrosion resistance and optimal performance for each application.  Our subject matter experts work with you to develop unique solutions for the most demanding applications.

Who we are

A High-Performing Company

Crafts Technology has a history dating back to 1860, having a reputation for innovation from the very beginning. Our mission is to foster synergies between manufacturing, engineering, and material science to produce solutions that significantly enhance the overall performance and productivity of industrial equipment at the OEM and End-User level.

We’re known for our trio of engineering, materials and manufacturing expertise. Our vision is to deliver the most advanced systems and tooling that continually enhance the utilization and performance of industrial equipment. Come partner with a company who pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the performance and productivity of industrial equipment.

Crafts Technology

State-of-the-Art Technologies

We offer a range of industry-leading and efficient EDM services to suit your needs including sinker, wire and micro-machining.

Problem-Solving Solutions

We can create impossible and complex shapes that would be challenging to manufacture with conventional cutting tools.

Delivering Extreme Finishes

Allow us to provide the best finishing process. We have the resources to produce high surface finishes and high-form accuracy.

Reliable Industry Leaders

We’re proud to contribute top application and design engineering expertise, which results in innovative approaches to solutions.

Crafts Technolgy Product

Innovative Manufacturing Services

Our precision manufacturing services includes micro-manufacturing and prototype production. We design for manufacturability and focus on application-specific design services. Our commitment to materials science has allowed us to become one of the most advanced companies in the industry.

Serving a Variety of Markets

We foster true partnerships with market leaders in a number of industries to advance the operation and performance of their industrial equipment. We offer specialized experience in a variety of major industries, but our commitment to excellence never changes. Allow us to be your industry partner.

  • Non-Woven
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Fluid Dispensing
  • Fluid Power
  • Semiconductor
  • Wire and Spring
  • Automotive

Crafts Technology

91 Joey Drive,
Elk Grove Village IL, 60007


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