A Global Precision Machining Leader


We’re a cutting-edge global precision machining leader. Our machinists grind hard and super hard materials to specific customer requirements. We produce make-to-print precision machined parts. We’re known for our tight tolerances, small parts and high surface finishes throughout many different industries.

Who We Are

Quality Precision Machining

We specialize in extreme tolerances, small parts and high surface finishes that cannot be accomplished by many other precision machining companies in the world. We build relationships with our clients to empower them by turning their visions into reality.


Commitment to Customer Service

Our goal is to deliver fast and efficient services to our clients. We’re known for our responsiveness and value the relationships we build with our clients.

Transparent Solutions

We make sure our clients are always on the same page.  We send weekly open order reports allowing you to see any delays before it’s too late.

Precision Beyond Belief

We’re micro-precision machining experts. Our precision machinists achieve tight tolerances and can handle all small parts.

Grinding Hard Materials

Our machinists have the ability to grind every part, whether carbide, ceramic or hardened steel, to the finish specifications you require.

Machining You Can Count On

We service some of the largest companies with products of the highest precision. We’re a “make-to-print” manufacturing facility for custom tooling, standard and special gages, and assembly components. We excel in the areas of surface finish, small parts and tight tolerances. Allow us to meet your demands.

An Industry Leader Across Markets

We’re proud to foster relationships across many different industries to provide quality and durable machined parts for our customers. We strive to deliver our parts efficiently to customers across the country.

  • Energy
  • Medical
  • Inspection
  • Flow Control

GLE Precision

6950 Junction Road,
Bridgeport, MI, 48722

(989) 652-6136


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