Flow Control

Hard Materials for Flow Components

Materials are chosen based on the application our customer is requiring.  Therefore, different grades of carbides, steels and ceramics have better characteristics for flow metering applications than others.   Many companies use nickel carbides, which are preferred in corrosive environments, such as water and water soluble pollutants.  Carbides are known to improve durability and minimize maintenance over time. 

Other customers prefer ceramics because of the low thermal conductivity and heat resistance properties.  If your application is requiring elevated temperatures, ceramic may be the best material to use.  Ceramics also have a high durability, meaning they are long lasting and hard wearing.  Sub-assemblies consisting of stainless steel and INCONEL® are also used to meet customer specifications.

High Volume? We are Equipped.

Do you require a high-volume of ceramic or carbide components for your flow control applications? We are equipped to run high-volume production as well as R&D. We will work with engineers to produce your finished part for full production. In most cases with our waterjet customers, finished parts are completed and waiting on the shelf for customer releases. We believe in lean manufacturing and working in a lean environment to best support and meet our customers needs. Whenever possible, we implement lean principals in the workplace in our everyday practices.

Flow Control

Flow Control Valve Sub-Assemblies

Hyperion Materials & Technologies offers flow control sub-assemblies which are manufactured by combining a cemented carbide finished valve component with a stainless steel/INCONEL® component to meet customer valve design specifications.

The flow control valve sub-assembly is completely finished to final tolerance with the desired coating or surface treatment and ready for direct assembly in the flow control valve. A variety of joining techniques including shrink fitting, brazing, and epoxy gluing are used to join the carbide and stainless steel and Inconel parts together.

Fluid Power

Precision Solutions is a leader in bringing innovation and value to tooling, wear parts, and many other components that enable fluid power applications to operate at optimal capacity.  We deliver custom solutions to OEMs, end users, and component suppliers that build and/or use fluid power and fluid handling equipment and systems.  Our goal is to increase our customers’ overall competitiveness, help them solve real-world equipment and process issues, reduce their costs, and increase their profit margins.

We offer high precision:

  • Typical tolerances of +/- .0001”
  • Surface finishes to 2 Ra
  • Ultra-small diameter holes (<.002” dia.)
  • Complex part geometries
  • Low volume & high volume production capabilities

Your Trusted Technical Manufacturing Experts

From precision grinding to lapping and engineering services, we provide exceptional customer service and expedited delivery options to all of our customers.