Precision Solutions Brands

Unmatched Materials Science and Manufacturing Expertise

At Precision Solutions, we are more than a material producer, we are a top precision manufacturing provider. We have formed the best precision grinding team in the world, coming together to be your one-stop provider from raw material to a complete, finished solution. Our brands consist of Crafts Technolgy, GLE-Precision, Aggressive Grinding and Hyperion Materials & Technologies. We work directly with our customers from development stages to finished product, and all stages in between within our organization. Our clients value us mostly for our responsiveness, our finishing capabilities, and extreme tolerances. Allow us to be your turn-key shop for all things precision components.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies is a global leader in advanced materials with decades of experience developing and manufacturing tungsten carbide powders, cemented carbide, synthetic diamond, and cubic boron nitride products. The company offers an extensive portfolio and possesses the expertise to develop custom solutions for even the most demanding applications.

Crafts Technology offers decades of experience in developing products that demand super hard materials in order to achieve maximum wear life, corrosion resistance, and optimal performance for each application. Our subject matter experts work with customers directly to develop unique solutions for detailed, complex components covering a large variety of industries.

GLE-Precision is a cutting-edge global precision machining leader. Our expert precision machinists grind tungsten carbide, ceramic and other hard exotic materials to customer specifications. Our company produces make-to-print precision machined parts for our clients. All of our quality parts are manufactured to customer specifications in our precision machine shop.

As North America’s leader in precision carbide grinding and advanced ceramic finishing, AGS helps customers succeed by providing them with superior products and the industry’s fastest delivery time. That unique combination of quality and speed enables us to continually exceed customers’ expectations. We continually train our team to perform efficiently and safely.

We provide ultra-hard material fabrication services to customers in the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Container, Electronics, Food, Glass, Medical, Metalworking, Paper and Steel industries, as well as to companies in other sectors. We strive to build relationships with our customers and vendors that are based on integrity and collaboration. At Dura-Metal, we complement our manufacturing capabilities with a wide range of application engineering services that allow us to design original tooling or reverse engineer manufactured components using CAD/CAM software.

Prism Technologies manufactures press tooling for many different materials, including carbide, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, iron, steel and bronze as well as chemical powders. We manufacture Erowa and 3R tooling as well as conventional styles. The finished parts are used in most of the industries listed below along with other various components that fit within our capabilities.

Your Trusted Technical Manufacturing Experts

From precision grinding to lapping and engineering services, we provide exceptional customer service and expedited delivery options to all of our customers.