Celebrating the Future

On May 25th, the GLE-Precision team celebrated the recent graduation of co-op, Christian Blasch.  Christian has been employed with GLE-Precision since December 2021 as a Business Development Co-op student.  Working with our Sales team, Christian has managed several projects including marketing mailings, CRM databases and writing various call scripts and emails to potential GLE customers. 

Christian earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring Marketing from Saginaw Valley State University.  When asked what he will miss most about his co-op experience he said, “As a co-op at GLE, I felt like a member of the family. Before I begin working on-site again, I’ll be travelling for extended periods—this is something I look forward to, though it will be disappointing not being able to see the funny, kind people at GLE every day.” 

Working as a co-op student at GLE results in learning all the business functions that work together to make the business a success.  “Additionally, the co-op role exposed me to all business functions of GLE from a learning standpoint. As a full-time student, I was able to go to lectures with real-world examples of the concepts being discussed that day—these were very cool moments that one can really only have as a co-op.“ 

Before working with GLE-Precision, Christian was growing his career experiences working various jobs.  One of the most fulfilling jobs Christian worked, although not directly related to marketing was working part time as a respite worker for Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority, while also working as a Student Employee for the SVSU Office of Professional Development.  Christian adds, “Though my time with Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority wasn’t directly related to my degree or my new role with Hyperion, I would not be the person I am today had I not worked there and I’m incredibly grateful for my time there.”

Working for the SVSU Office of Professional Development for two years was instrumental in building up experience in the fields of marketing and sales. As early as the end of freshman year of college, Christian was exposed to email marketing, social media marketing, digital design, print design, search engine optimization, web layout, and lead-generation in a real-world setting. “I was encouraged to take on large projects that not only solved short-term problems, but resulted in standard practices that future employees within the office can refer to—I can’t thank my past supervisors enough for this amazing opportunity.”

More to Celebrate

Christian’s work ethic and creativity was acknowledged through the management team at Hyperion.  This summer, Christian will be beginning a new chapter in his career working full-time with the Energy team in the Precision Solutions segment.  As an Inside Sales Engineer, Christian will continue to foster and grow relationships with current and prospective customers within the Hyperion organization.  Christian said he’s most excited to, “Honest answer—the traveling! Although I will eventually be working out of GLE, I’m excited to visit various Hyperion locations and meet all the amazing members within the organization. My mom bought me an awesome hard-shell suitcase as a graduation gift that I wheel around the main floor of my apartment in anticipation. It’s also a fun way to annoy my roommates.”

When he’s not developing creative marketing solutions for GLE-Precision, Christian is a nature enthusiast.  “I love being outside, no matter the season. Biking and taking our family dog for walks are some of my favorite things to do during the summer. Friends and family are extremely important to me, so I enjoy anything I get to do with them. I’ve also started learning to play guitar and it’s quickly become one of my favorite things to do during free time.”

Working as a remote Inside Sales Engineer, Christian will be domiciled out of the GLE-Precision office, but will travel to the different Precision Solutions organizations meeting the team and learning about hard and super hard materials and applications. 

We wish Christian the best of luck on his new journey with the Precision Solutions team.