GLE attends Birch Run Career Fair

GLE-Precision Attends Birch Run High School Career Fair 

On Friday, March 24th, Birch Run High School hosted a career fair where employers from all over the state attended and the students had a blast! Business Development Co-Op, Connor Jakacki, was in attendance, representing both GLE and Precision Solutions by Hyperion. “It was a very well-run event, and it was great to see the excitement coming from the students while interacting with all of the employers”, Connor said. The career fair was open to all students at Bridgeport High School, which was unique to see. From Freshman up to Seniors, there was constant traffic at the “GLE” table where Connor was located.  

More on the Career Fair 

The Career Fair took place in the Birch Run High School gymnasium which held roughly 50 employers. Many of which are in the Saginaw area, but also some that are not. Employers started setting up around 9:30-9:45 with the first group of students beginning at 10:00. Students were given a list of participants and were tasked to visit at least 3-4 employers that are in their interested Careers/Companies. The first wave of students was present at 10:00, with the last group wrapping it up at 12:00. Just like a typical career fair, first impressions were important. Mini interviews were conducted as well as general company information and small talk regarding the field of interest.  

Set up and ready for students!

GLE-Precision/Precision Solutions Interests at Career Fair 

At the GLE table, Connor oversaw providing students with relevant information to hopefully attract them to the company and the industry. Three folders were on display. One that included general information regarding the company, headlined “Who is GLE-Precision?”. Inside this folder included 4 different “quick-reads”. Information on small parts, surface finishes, small holes, and precision tolerances was what made up this material.  

The two other folders included information on what positions GLE-Precision is currently hiring for. These positions include a Machinist Co-Op and a 2nd Shift Machinist. Many students were quite interested in both roles. The 2nd Shift Machinist was more attractive to those Seniors who are looking for a job right out of high school. The Co-Op role grabbed the attention of many of the underclassmen looking to get their feet wet in the manufacturing industry.  

The career fair was a success with many local businesses representing many different backgrounds

It was an honor being present at this Career Fair. The students at Birch Run are very bright and more than ready to kickstart their careers! Thank you to Traci Loy and the entire Birch Run staff who helped make this event a special one.