Retirement Celebration

Crafts Technology Employee Retirement Celebration

The end of an Era  

February was one for the books at Crafts Technology | A Hyperion Materials and Technologies Company. There was a bittersweet retirement celebration of a 79-year family legacy at crafts, that has ended. Vincent Smirciak has dedicated the past 45 years of his life to Crafts and retired officially on February 24th. A celebratory lunch with lots of pizza, salad, and cake was held in honor of him. Previous retirees were invited back to come send him off and wish him well. Jeff Roberts, VP of Crafts Technology, thanked him for his hard work and dedication over the past several years and then presented Vinny with a special, personalized medal of service. 

A Token of Gratitude 

Crafts has an extremely unique way of sending their retirees off! They create a custom Crafts branded medallion also known as a medal of service. The medal of service was designed and produced by Crafts Technology. It illustrates our cultural values of transparency, integrity, innovation, continuous improvement, work ethic, teamwork, and accountability, all of which had the groundwork laid by the original owners of Crafts. The medal was uniquely designed in a way that through various manufacturing processes, it is touched by everyone in the shop in some way or form. The medal is then laser etched with the names of every Crafts employee, demonstrating their appreciation for the retiree. This medal is presented to all retirees who have worked at the company for 10+ years.  

A Final Farewell 

Vinny then took to the mic and explained to everyone how his mother worked across the street from the Crafts plant before he was born. His father stopped into the shop she worked at during one of his breaks, and the rest was history. He is grateful because his parents would not have met if his father had not worked at Crafts. Vinny’s brothers and uncles also worked at Crafts for several years. He thanked the entire Crafts team for being so supportive when going through some tough times during the Covid lockdown. Then he said his final farewell! He plans to move to Wisconsin and live on his wife’s family farm! Vinny, we hope you enjoyed your retirement celebration. Thank you for your dedicated service!

About Crafts Technology 

Crafts Technology has a history dating back to 1860, having a reputation for innovation from the very beginning.   Crafts is a precision manufacturer that applies materials science, engineering and manufacturing expertise to produce solutions that significantly enhance the overall performance and productivity of industrial equipment at the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and end-user level. The team plays a key role in our organization, specifically our Precision Solutions business unit, by enhancing our finished product capabilities.  In April 2021, Hyperion Materials & Technologies acquired the business and brought Crafts into the Hyperion Materials & Technologies family.