Welcoming our Co-op Students

Precision Solutions by Hyperion is proud to welcome a great group of students into the GLE-Precision Co-op program this summer. A total of six College-level individuals have successfully completed their new hire orientation and are learning the ropes at GLE.  Three of the students are employed as Precision Solutions by Hyperion Business Development co-ops.  Two of the students will learn how to precision grind hard materials as Precision Machinists.  The co-ops hired are students at local colleges, Delta Community College, Northwood University and Saginaw Valley State University.  Returning for a second summer is Precision Machinist Co-op, John Michael. 

Kyla Crouse

Kyla will be attending Delta College in the fall to study Mechanical Engineering.  After two years, Kyla plans to transfer to Michigan Technology University to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.  When asked about what she likes best about working for Precision Solutions, Kyla said, “I’m excited to learn more about the engineering aspects of Precision Solutions and how certain parts play into different things.”  In her spare time, Kyla enjoys playing video games on her PC, roller skating and hanging out with her friends in Downtown Bay City. 

Nathan Laures

Nathan is a 2022 graduate of Pinconning Highschool.  In the fall, Nathan will be attending Michigan Technology University to major in Mechanical Engineering.  When asked what he likes best about working for the Precision Solutions organization, Nathan responded, “I enjoy working with the guys in the shop and learning new things.”  Nathan is doing a little bit of everything this summer and we hope the skills he learns from his co-op will help prepare him for his classes in the fall.  When he has free time, Nathan enjoys working out at the gym, hanging out with his friends and playing video games.

Grace Anderson

Grace is attending Delta College in the fall to study Graphic Design and Photography.  When asked about what she’s looking forward to this summer in her co-op experience Grace said, “I’m really excited to learn new things.  I look forward to meeting new people and expanding my skills in business development.”  In her free time, Graces’ hobbies include taking pictures and roller skating. 

Brianna Watkins

Brianna will be attending Northwood University in Midland, MI in the fall to study Business Entrepreneurship.  She is most looking forward to presenting all the prospects she finds to the team.  She enjoys groups meetings and presenting ways we can all improve to grow the business.  In her free time, Brianna enjoys studying architecture.  She likes to draw houses while listening to music.  She is also into meditation, which is needed after her days of working at business development at Precision Solutions! 

Tristan Calay

Tristan is a Computer Science major at Saginaw Valley State University.  He earned his Associate of Arts from Miami Dade University before transferring to Saginaw Valley to continue his education.  Tristan enjoys CNC programming and learning all about the different manufacturing processes at Precision Solutions.  In his spare time, Tristan enjoy playing video games and programming. 

John Michael Watson

John Michael is a returning co-op student from Western Michigan University.  In the fall, he will begin his sophomore year studying law.  John Michael started his co-op with GLE-Precision in the summer of 2021, after graduating from high school.  His favorite part about working for Precision Solutions is the people he gets to spend his day with.  He enjoys the manufacturing atmosphere and working within the Bridgeport, MI community.  In his spare time when he’s not busy studying, John Michael plays video games, goes to the gym and spends time with his friends and family. 

We are so excited to have this group of co-op students within our organization.  As they grow within their education and careers we hope they will remember their experience at Precision Solutions and the relationships they have made.