Precision Solutions Celebrates Annual Safe and Sound Week

During the week of October 3rd, the Precision Solutions teams celebrated the Hyperion Annual Safe and Sound week.  Hyperion Materials and Technologies first started recognizing Safe and Sound week in 2021, but prior to 2021, always identified safety as a priority and an important part of the day to day functions.  Our teams in West Branch, Bridgeport, Elk Grove and Latrobe all had safety-related events and health discussions for the employees.  

For safe and sound week all the sites participated in conducting many different activities and sessions to improve the safety of the work environment. All the sites had CPR/AED training to prepare everyone just in case of an actual medical emergency. Flyers were also made for everyone so they could be reminded how important mental and physical health is and how to go about caring for yourself.

AED Training at Aggressive Grinding
First Aid Training at GLE-Precision

The team at Aggressive Grinding in Latrobe, PA installed two new AED units in the manufacturing facility. An AED is a medical device that stands for Automated External Defibrillator. AED’s are used when a person is experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. The purpose of an AED is to analyze the hearts rhythm and deliver a shock, if necessary, to assist the heart in re-establishing an effective rhythm.

New AED’s installed at Aggressive Grinding in Latrobe, PA

Our West Branch, MI production facility has a large board on the manufacturing floor that looks like a traffic light. All the colors of the light have different meanings about lost time accidents; red means a lost time accident is occurring, yellow means be cautious a lost time accident almost occurred, and lastly green has a counter on it showing how many days since the last lost time accident has occurred. This safe and sound week marked 365 days since the last lost time accident occurred.  Congratulations to our West Branch team on achieving the one-year anniversary of being accident-free.

Traffic Light in West Branch, MI.

At Crafts Technology in Elk Grove, IL., banners were designed and displayed all around the manufacturing facility.  The banners had sayings on them to remind the employees to be safe and all accidents are avoidable. Another activity the Crafts team participated in was creating a board for employees to write down where a potential safety hazard was so it could be taken care in the proper manner.

Crafts Technology Safe and Sound Week Signage

At GLE-Precision, Bridgeport, MI., a week of healthy snacks were distributed out in the lunchroom for all employees in the facility to enjoy.  The Hyperion Materials and Technology Culture Assessments were introduced and distributed by Brian Coates, Sr. Vice President.  All employees also received a pedometer to record their steps for the month and later return for a chance to win a gift card to a local health store. 

The Precision Solutions team had an excellent Safe and Sound week, and we look forward to 2023!


  • All injuries are avoidable​
  • Zero injuries is a reasonable and achievable goal​
  • We all own Safety – every associate is responsible for his/her own safety and the safety of others​