Precision Solutions Co-Ops Present at Bay Arenac ISD

Exciting visit to the Bay Arenac ISD Career Center

Grace Anderson, Precision Solutions Business Development Co-op presenting communication strategies at the Bay Arenac ISD

Tuesday, December 13 was an exciting day for our Precision Solutions Co-Ops. The co-op crew presented at the Bay Arenac ISD Career Center. In fact, the team had a morning and afternoon presentation with four classes in attendance. These classes included: Precision machining, Engineering/Drafting, Marketing & Management, and Graphics & Printing Communications. Therefore, the presentation served two main purposes. Primarily, informing all of the students about the Co-Op opportunities within Precision Solutions. Secondly, discussing how teamwork across all industries within a company is extremely important. Additionally, we met three of our summer co-ops at the Bay Arenac ISD Career Fair last spring and wanted to come back to visit.

Vanessa Swain, Inside Sales Engineer, explaining how GLE-Precision manufactures precision gyroscoping pins

Presenting: Co-Op Crew

Initially, the first 25 minutes were spent discussing precision machining as well as the business development process. Students asked questions and the Precision Solutions team answered. Lastly, the team put together a fun and engaging activity for the students to complete. Each of the four classes split into four groups. Consequently, this allowed for representation from each class. After being split up, the groups were each given precision machined carbide parts. Second, the teams were instructed to select a single part. Finally, they needed to come up with a creative way in which they could machine, then market this part to the teachers and precision solutions team.

Creativity abounds

Lastly, each part the teams selected, one of our engineers went around explaining the actual use for the part and how it is manufactured. Additionally, the students had freedom to be as creative as they wanted. The teams did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, we can’t wait to come back next year and see what the students come up with. We want to send a special thank you to Ms. VanPetten for setting up the presentation!

World’s Smallest Racecar
Telescoping water filtration straw
Gyroscoping heavy-weight pen holder (dual purpose)
Bigfoot/Sasquatch whistle
Skateboard wheels
Time machine Pocket Watch
Flying Car