Recognizing Precision Solutions Co-ops

Shout-Out to our Business Development Co-Ops

As the summer winds down and school starts up again, three amazing young women who made up the Precision Solutions Co-op program this summer are recognized. This week they presented their summers work to leadership members within the Hyperion Materials and Technologies company. It has been an eventful and exciting summer here at GLE-Precision. Each of these young ladies brought a different skill set and mindset to the office every day. This balanced out our business development co-op team perfectly. Thank you for all the hard work from the Precision Solutions Co-ops!

Kyla- “quiet” and courageous

I use the quotations around quiet as air quotes because at the beginning of the summer Kyla came off as shy and soft spoken. Now she rivals me for the “chattiest in the office award”. Kyla was the first co-op to cold call, which is a big feat. Ever since her first day prospecting, she has constantly pushed herself out of her comfort zone and absolutely crushed her goals. Also, she set the bar extremely high for the entire business development team as she was able to make meaningful connections with so many prospective customers. Kyla also has this hidden talent, that no matter the situation she can always make people smile and laugh. She is going to school for Mechanical engineering and I have no doubt in my mind that she will continue to meet and exceed her goals with ease.

Brianna- professional, and ambitious

Brianna instantly amazed me with her professional demeanor and composure. She was always willing to take on any challenges or new tasks. Additionally, she utilized her creativity and time management skills daily. Whether it be getting all of her prospecting done, to extra tasks she took on like extra marketing flyers and promotional videos as well. Brianna was always game to push herself in new ways and explore different ways to communicate with our current, and prospective customers. She inspires me with her stellar work ethic, and perseverance through all of her work this summer. Brianna is a force to be reckon with. She is going to school at Northwood University in the fall for entrepreneurship. I can’t wait to see all that Brianna accomplishes in the future. I know whatever she puts her mind to she will achieve.

Grace – enthusiastic, and easygoing

Grace immediately brought a sense of lightheartedness and fun into the office this summer. She always came to work with a good attitude, and willingness to be flexible. One thing that really stuck out to me was her quiet confidence and creativity. She brought both attributes to the table when presenting her ideas to the team. Grace has this natural ability to capture attention with her ideas which she honed this skill this summer. In our sales meetings she was always down to provide meaningful feedback on anything we reviewed. Grace will be attending school in the fall for graphic design and photography. I know that her creativity, communication skills, and passion for the task at hand will take her as far as she wants to go in life.

The Precision Solutions Business Development Co-ops from left Kyla, Grace and Brianna with Program Director, Vanessa Swain

The future is bright

It was so much fun working with all of the business development Precision Solutions Co-ops this summer and expanding our program. I can’t wait to see all that they accomplish in the future! Finally, I would like to thank everyone who helped support the business development co-op program. Whether it be coaching, providing feedback, shadowing, or just giving words of encouragement, thank you to the entire Precision Solutions by Hyperion team for the support this summer.