Crafts Technology Open House Celebration!

Crafts Technology employees enjoying an Open House on September 18, 2022

On Sunday, September 18th, the Crafts Technology team hosted an open house celebration for all employees. Families walked through the Crafts Technology manufacturing facility and employees were able to show their families the machines they work on and the job they perform day to day. 

The open house celebration event had a great turnout and the reactions were great. Many thought it was amazing to see how the machinists grind and EDM some of the most precision tooling out of the hardest materials on earth. Along with tours of the facility, a food truck was parked for lunch and bubbles and chalk were provided for the kids.

Crafts Technology, is a high-precision provider of tailor-made cemented tungsten carbide solutions. Crafts, which has a legacy that spans more than 100 years, shares Hyperion’s mission of applying materials science, engineering, and manufacturing expertise to develop novel and creative engineered solutions that enhance the performance and productivity of its customers. In addition to developing engineered solutions from tungsten carbide, Crafts possesses expertise in polycrystalline diamond (PCD), advanced ceramics, high-strength steels, and other innovative materials.

Congratulations Crafts team on the successful event!